What We Do

In-Depth Engineering uses processes that are prescribed to generate software that is safe, secure, portable, and reliable. We have been using a DevSecOps stack for over 10 years that continues to evolve as new tools and technologies are evaluated for inclusion into the stack. From our initial rollout of a Jenkins server to provide automated build capabilities, In-Depth has extended our normal Build capability to include Automated Testing and Static Code Analysis Inspections. We have a complete repertoire of tools and processes that drive toward our Zero-Defect definition of done.

We’ve added Security as an integral part of our development cycle stack as suggested by DoD to prevent bad actors from compromising deployed systems. Security is assured through user access controls, elimination of many code vulnerabilities, rigorous coding practices and reviews, and the usage of runtime isolation techniques.

We’re well versed in the importance and use of fleet feedback and inputs from the warriors that use our systems. Our normal development cycle includes several steps to garner the appropriate steering direction and evaluate the results.